Aldi - How long

  Bennythejet 12:46 08 Apr 03

I know I am being impatient, but I ordered a PC from Aldi on Friday. They say they will fulfill the order within 4-6 weeks. As the deals are always popular I was wondering if people have had experience of ordering from them before. Roughly how long does it take? My "local" Aldi is over 20 miles away and as I can't phone them I just have to sit and wait!

  snoresloudly 20:57 08 Apr 03


How did you order it?, if you have a confirmation of order that states delivery will be within 4-6 weeks and you accepted that then (without meaning to sound sarcastic or patronising) delivery will be within 4-6 weeks!!! if you ordered it "in store" and a part-time shelf stacker told you about the time scale then I would be worried!!

  Bennythejet 09:55 09 Apr 03

I ordered it in store. The order form says Aldi promise to fulfill the order within 4-6 weeks. I was just wondering if anyone had ordered from them before. Last week this board was full of people reccommending the deal, but now everyone has gone noticeably quiet on how soon they actually get the orders done. Just thought I would ask

  anniesboy68 12:07 09 Apr 03

Bennythejet...Northampton Aldi had a few last saturday...where are you??? Ring them, although I cannot find the telephone number. [St Peters square branch]

  Bennythejet 13:09 09 Apr 03

Thanks for the reply, I am "near" the Camberley branch. They don't give out phone numbers, all you can do is go into the store itself, but as mine is miles away I can't go in every other day to check. They have my number and say they will phone me when it's in, but I am just seeing if anyone has had there's delivered yet.

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