Agnitum Outpost 2.7 full version on new cover disc

  JYPX 21:43 18 Dec 05

I cannot believe this! Shurely shome mistake?

Best Firewall, regardless of cost (IMO......)
1. Agnitum Outpost 2.7
2. Agnitum Outpost 3.0 (too early to judge)

  DieSse 22:32 18 Dec 05

Giving away an old version when a new version comes out is a common marketing tactic. Deasn't make it a poor deal tho'.

  Tick Tock 1 19:51 21 Dec 05

Is it not a 30 day trial?.

  PaulB2005 19:59 21 Dec 05

It does say to ignore a prompts to upgrade to version 3 as the license is only for 2.7...

As DieSse says you'll see a lot of the software given away for free are old versions. Usually there is an offer in the magazine for a cheaper upgrade to the latest version.

  JYPX 17:43 22 Dec 05

Not a trial - according to the magazine.

Outpost 2.7 is the final version of the Firewall that started out as 2.0. It would seem that all of the bugs had been ironed out and was/is rated by many as the best firewall. One or two forum members have asked recently about the Lavasoft firewall which is a rebranded (and lite) version of Outpost. I guess that they will not be paying £18 now that they can have the same thing for free.
I think the jury is out on Outpost 3.0 Some posters on the official support forums consider the new version to be a little resource heavy.

I still believe that this is the best PCA cover mount ever and am amazed that it has attracted hardly any comment. You must all be very happy with your current firewall!

  ade.h 18:08 22 Dec 05

If I didn't have it already on one PC, I'd probably buy a copy just to get Outpost. I'm using Kerio on my other PCs and I'm pretty happy with that. It seems to be almost as sophisticated as Outpost and is a good alternative among the free firewalls.

  jack 20:03 22 Dec 05

A similar thing happened many years ago in ST Format
instead of putting out a trial vbersion of a vector drawing program the full version was put on.
Caused quite a stir at the time.

  dth 15:17 23 Dec 05

Damn just bought the latest mag - the CD version as I usually do and it is only on the dvd. Back to the shops tomorrow.

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