Advice for printer buyer needed

  rawprawn 13:57 01 Jul 03

I need to buy a new printer, but really haven't a clue. Should I go for a laser or inkjet. My budget is £150 to £200, I don't use it a lot but I do a newsletter for my club & I would like to be able to print Photos. I have seen a Samsung Laser 1210ls in Asda but I don't know if it's any good. Any comments would be helpful. Thanks in advance.

  sil_ver 16:54 01 Jul 03

For £200 you could probably buy both a Laser and colour inkjet printer. Most inkjets do a good job of printing photos but look at the price of replacement cartridges before deciding.

Epson printers seem to have the best value cart's (IMHO)

Laser printers are the cheapest to run for B&W.

Have a look on click here

  bfoc 17:01 01 Jul 03

A Samsung ML-1210 and it is great, fast, good quality evn on 'Toner Save' and I think very good value and for B&W printing much much cheaper than an inkjet.

How much do ASDA want?

I also have an Epson Colur Inkjet for my colour photos. The two together cost me about £130.

  Andybear 17:10 01 Jul 03

For photos the Epson Stylus C62 inkjet is excellent, particularly with proper photo paper. Cost about £70.

  mikeyb59 17:55 01 Jul 03

I have an Epson C60 (prior to C62) and I can't fault it. It does everything brilliantly.

Costs can be kept under control if you use cartridges from click here

Highly recommended

  rawprawn 20:24 01 Jul 03

Thanks all you guys for the imput. bloc, Asda want £99.95 for the Samsung. I have only really found out today that the laser printers that I have been looking at are just black & white, & if I want to print photos perhaps I should be looking at inkjets. I have been looking at PC Advisor Mag Aug issue & I see that the Canon i850 came out top of the inkjets. It would suit my purposes & I think it is reasonable on cartridge costs. I can buy it at about £150, what do you all think ?

  -pops- 07:24 02 Jul 03

The running costs of a B/W laser are unbelivably low, especially if you refill the toner.

I worked out in another post that with an ML1210 and refilled toner you can get 30,000 pages for £60. This is real printing, not obscure tests.

I have an ML1210 and find it excellent. I also use an inkjet for colour and I yet again use the two in combination doing text in laser B/W and pictures in inkjet colour.


  rawprawn 09:16 02 Jul 03

Thanks to everyone for their imput, I have decided to buy the Canon i850, which was recommended by PCA. I would have liked to go for a laser but I want the ability to print photos if I need to & I can't afford both. Thanks again it is always good to get other points of view from people who are better informed.

  wee eddie 18:53 02 Jul 03

First class. I am very happy with it. I also bought a load of ink at the same time as it added nothing to the weight or volume and effectively came carriage free.

If someone is tempted to say that their's from xxx came carriage free - think about it. What that label means is that carriage is already factored into the price.

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