Advice on a PDA Hand held

  simonp1 08:00 30 Sep 04

I wondered if you can give me some advice please.

I was thinking about purchasing a PDA palm or sothing simular. I am looking to use it for work and would want to know if i could put my SAGE ( accounting customer program ) on it..

Or would i have to use a laptop..Many thanks

  Forum Editor 18:48 30 Sep 04

that you'll be happy trying to run Sage on a PDA - even if you could, which I doubt.

PDA's are not intended to run mainstream software applications - although you'll find them with truncated versions of MS Word and Excel. The screens are far too small, navigation far too tricky, and all in all you're going to feel happier with a laptop.

I must have tried six or seven different PDAs in the last three years and I have still to find one that I would feel happy using on a day to day basis. I take my laptop everywhere I go, it's my mobile office and I couldn't do without it.

  simonp1 09:07 01 Oct 04

Many thanks for the advice FE, time for a new laptop i guess.

  BIG Ben strikes 10 again! 21:42 01 Oct 04

hi simon,hold on a minute,"The screens are far too small".it never stopped pocket exel,try a google mate,before rushing into buying a laptop,"Sage" - your program i am unsure what your program is but you could try a search to see if there is a pocket version.cheers.ben

  Forum Editor 00:14 02 Oct 04

Sage is a widely used and comprehensively featured accounting program. It isn't available in a pocket version - it just wouldn't work on a small PDA screen in any case. Pocket Excel is to my mind a gimmick - it's a nightmare for anyone who is trying to run anything other than a very basic spreadsheet.

I stand by my earlier advice - simonp1 is best advised to consider a laptop.

  BIG Ben strikes 10 again! 12:23 02 Oct 04

im just saying,this guy wan'ts sage on his PDA,i don't care if the screen is small,it all depends on the opinion of the person who buys it,it doesn't matter about size,or the screen,its whether you can use it or not,but still if there is no version available then i suppose youll just have to get a laptop,ben

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