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  Irishman 14:05 14 Aug 04

Afternoon all, My other half works for click here It's a charity and is always strapped for cash.They are in desperate need for a computer or two for their record keeping which at the moment is all done by hand. I have offered my services in setting up and maintaining a computer for them and I know that companies often donate unneeded computer equipment to charities but am unsure how to go about finding out which companies would do this. Is there somewhere online where a charity could put it's name down on a waiting list or is it simply a case of ringing around local companies and asking? What would be the legal implications regarding licensing of software etc? Any suggestions gratefully received.

  terryr48 14:22 14 Aug 04

Try appealing for help on your local radio station I got 8 pc's for our local community centre this way

  Irishman 14:45 14 Aug 04

Good idea terryr48, they do a lot of advertising on the radio anyway about lost dogs/cats, so I might suggest adding in a message about wanting a computer.

  Forum Editor 15:52 14 Aug 04

used computers to registered chartities

click here to see one of them.

  wee eddie 18:55 14 Aug 04

You may get snowed under with offers, from members here, because of WEE

  Forum Editor 19:00 14 Aug 04

The thread is posted by Irishman, and the link he's posted is for an animal charity based in Co. Derry, so I'm going to go out on a limb here and guess that he's based somewhere in Co. Derry.

  spuds 21:48 14 Aug 04

Contact your local council, they may have a contact for redundant IT equipment.

  flubberjack 22:59 14 Aug 04

Hi Irishman,
I also live in N.Ireland (in County Down though) and the local station up there in Derry (Q102) does do a noticeboard thing for things like that I think so should be worth a go.

Do any of the charity shops (Oxfam, etc) accept computer systems? You could try there if they do.

  wee eddie 06:10 15 Aug 04

I am sure that we have several members in Derry as there have been many posts on the iniquity of the Postal charges to off "Home Counties" Britain which includes NI as well as parts of Scotland.

I am sure that there are members nearby that have something suitable in the loft, running W98se and have an OE version of M$ Works installed.

  Irishman 18:01 15 Aug 04

Thanks again for the replies. flubberjack and spuds I'll certainly look into both of those suggestions and wee eddie you're quite right. There are some great bargains to be had online until you check the postage for N.Ireland and then you may as well be in Outer Mongolia!

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