ADSL2 Modem/Router

  iscanut2 12 Mar 12

I have had a Netgear DG834G v3 for a number of years now. It may not be as reliable as it once was and I am thinking of changing it. Can anyone recommend a similar, easy to use, uncomplicated router that could take its place. It is used with cable to my desktop and a laptop and net book access it wirelessly. I do not want a top of range one, just one that will work well and not expensive. Thanks.

  john bunyan 12 Mar 12

I have a Belkin SURF N300 Wireless N Router. See Google for specs. About £50. I am sure ther are others but I find it quite good. I have it cabled to desktop and a broadband phone "black box" and wireless to a laptop and iPod touches. Good strong wireless through thick walls of a biggish house.

  iscanut2 13 Mar 12

Thanks John

  interzone55 13 Mar 12

I've got a Zyxel NBG-419N, cost around £40 from Amazon

When I bought it it wouldn't connect to Talk Talk, but a quick call to Zyxel tech support quickly identified the problem and they emailed a firmware fix that sorted it out - very good service and a very reliable product.

I now have a Zyxel router, gigabit switch and wireless range extender...

  interzone55 13 Mar 12

That link is broken - try this instead

  iscanut2 15 Mar 12

Thanks. Thought I might have had lots of recommendations but will tick as resolved and sort something out myself.

  rdave13 17 Mar 12

My standby Netgear router just died a quick death so looking for a cheap one as backup to my D-Link. Will be going for this one,


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