Adobe Lightroom 3

  *Cal 28 Sep 11

Anyone trialed this recently? I just came to the end of my 30 day trial period and was prompted to buy a license/serial number to reactivate the software. However, if I follow the link provided it simply takes you to Adobe's online shop where you can only purchase LR3 boxed (no downloadable version or any mention of license/serial number purchase) meaning you are also charged for shipping. Has anyone else reactivated their LR3 trial version with a license/serial number and if so where did you buy it? Am I missing something?

  ventanas 29 Sep 11 and from the products drop down at top right choose photoshop. In the next window choose Lightroom 3 and click on buy at the right. select country and Adobe store for home office. Click on Lightroom 3 at bottom left and your download purchase option will appear.

Worth every penny of the price.

You will probably have to create an account.

  *Cal 29 Sep 11


Still haven't solved this. When I select the 'buy' option for LR3 I am presented with the 'choose your options' box, (platform, language, delivery, quantity etc).

The odd thing is, LR3 is available for download if you select French, German, Italian or any other language but not if you select English.

When English is selected, at least from what I can see, the only purchase option available is 'ship the box to me' together with incurred shipping charge. There is no 'download' to select.

OK, no big deal really with regard to the extra cost but I don't understand why LR3 cannot be downloaded in English when it can be in any other language.

FWIW I do have an account with Adobe and have logged in and attempted to purchase as a download but only encountered the same problem. Have also tried and

Thought this might just me but unless anyone else can explain this, I guess I'll just email them for an answer.


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