Ad-aware 6: learn from my mistake...

  ronroam 15:26 01 Feb 04

I cheerfully downloaded the free version of Ad-aware 6 from the PC Advisor site yesterday morning.

It worked like a dream and soon isolated 90 'suspect' baddies on my system.So I deleted them.Big mistake.

As a result I could no longer access the Web. Result was that I have spent about 4 hours (yes, no joke) on repeated calls with AOL and hours more uninstalling and reinstalling various dial up working bits and pieces and finally reinstalling from my Windows 98 and reinstalling AOL and my external modem. Thanks AOL.

  byfordr 15:32 01 Feb 04

Why not just restore them?! Assuming you set it up to quarantine and not just delete.

  leo49 15:38 01 Feb 04

So what's the point your trying to make?

  leo49 15:39 01 Feb 04

Your = You're

  ronroam 15:53 01 Feb 04

Byfordr: Unfortunately, after quarantining I simply deleted them - like an idiot.

Leo: I think the the main point is that, whilst any download may seem attractive be very careful and if you are not very profficient in these matters - like me - it can lead to a whole load of trouble.

  leo49 16:04 01 Feb 04

Software is just like any other tool - you have to read and understand the Help files on how to use it before deployment.I've said this before,but there seems to be a general aversion to reading program instructions - my theory is that calling instructions "Help files" contributes to this, as folk see asking for Help as a last resort and a blow to their pride and intelligence.

  ronroam 16:17 01 Feb 04

I agree; having a more disciplined and logical approach to these things would help, including reading the instructions for use.

Possibly the biggest lesson that I have learned is not to rush into using any software.

However, in retrospect I do think that the Ad-aware should have come with a warning about deleting files and should not have pre selected my harmless dial up connection settings in the first place.

  simonp1 16:27 01 Feb 04

Adware does tell you to be caused a few problems when i had AOL....but never since with my new isp...but saying this Aol did seem to supply me with loads of junk it was probley right to delete what it did on mine.

  carver 17:41 01 Feb 04

I use Ad-aware with Freeserve and have no problems at all, you can't blame a program for doing what you tell it to do. Maybe if AOL didn't put so much hidden suspect stuff in it's program you might not have had the grief. As they say "read twice, press once".

  MichelleC 17:56 01 Feb 04

I've never had any probs with deleting any Adaware 'finds'. I suspect it's the AOHell control-freak way it controls internal settings.

  hoverman 18:03 01 Feb 04

Same here - never had a problem with Ad-Aware 6.

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