Acer Travelmate

  Granger 11:20 01 May 03

I'm thinking of getting the Travelmate 803, and wondered if anyone has had experience of it they could share? I'm sure I saw a thread somewhere recently where a member was buying one, but for the life of me I can't find that thread now. Anyway, the thing looks like a good deal, but how does it work in practice?

  Bebee 11:50 01 May 03

Can't comment on that particular model but I have Travelmate I use at home and it has been reliable and stable for the 2-3 years I've had it.

I also have a new Travelmate from work (a large secondary school) and again reliable and robust. All our staff (some not very IT literate or keen) have one of varying ages and they survive being dragged around and abused quite well. Our technician has stuck with them because of his experience of their reliablity in use.

Hope this helps.

  Granger 17:50 01 May 03

Thanks for the feedback Bebee. Any ideas about their support?

  bda72 08:04 20 Jun 03

Plenty threads on the 803 click here Hoping to get one soon myself.

  Granger 11:53 24 Jun 03

Actually have had one for a few weeks. First one had a glitch, they exchanged for the B version with Bluetooth. They didn't install the Bluetooth drivers, which threw me as WinXP was looking for drivers for "USB Device", but once I put the system disc in the drivers were found. Only other niggle is the flimsy top, but it's basically excellent and I'd recommend it.

  bda72 08:27 25 Jun 03

If you could just recommend somewhere to get one, they seem sold out everywhere:(

  Granger 21:49 26 Jun 03

Try Easy Computers, I found them via their Acer Notebooks Direct site click here
They are a good bunch, deliveries were a bit delayed but weeks ahead of everyone else.

  Kilobyte 14:52 31 Jul 03

Just interested to know any comments on ACER laptops, in particular the TravelMate series. How good is the build quality / reliability and support?

  Webmaster 14:50 02 Aug 03

We have a Travelmate that is approx. 5 years old now and it has been reliable all those years, running Windows 98. It is a Travelmate back in the days when Acer built _tiny_ Tavelmates which were the size of a large hardback book. All Acer's Travelmates now are not as compact or as small as they used to be which is rather dissapointing. But they are reliable little machines.

  Granger 18:17 03 Aug 03

I've now bought a second one, and they work brilliantly. Some will be unhappy that they provide a recovery system rather than proper WinXP discs, but I'm completely happy.

The achilles heel is the lid - the screen is not very well protected from the outside, so if a fat cat walked across the laptop while it was closed, it could damage the screen.

But its fast, reliable, light. It has Bluetooth, wireless, wired LAN, a fast 56K modem and 4 USB2 ports. The S-Video output is also nice while I try to decide what DVD player/recorder to buy. And no conflicts at all. Support is of the Irish variety, and they are generally really helpful, even with software problems.

  nutcrusher 23:24 17 Sep 03

We are looking for a "cheap" Laptop to carry out simple tasks and are considering the above. Any info/comment will be much appreciated. We are also considering the Toshiba Satellite 1410-802.

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