ACER Repairs

  Capred 16:20 20 Aug 05

Has anybody had problems waiting for repairs by ACER?Having seen an advert in this magazine I bought one but the monitor developed a fault & was sent for repair.Several weeks later ACER are not answering my e-mails.I have also contacted the seller(SHOPACER)but have not received an answer from them either. Why does Customer Service cease to exist? These companies must realise they have legal obligations.Capred

  bapiow 09:08 21 Aug 05

Had the same problem as you a few months ago.
Write to Acer head office.
I had to threaten them with a county court action to get my monitor back.
Got a new one two days later.
Worth a try.

Head Office (Sales and Marketing):
Acer UK Ltd
Poyle Road

  spuds 11:49 21 Aug 05

This seems to be a thing that crops up on a regular basis, either Acer ignore their customers or do the alternative and seem to be fairly reliable. You do not state the age of the product and when you first purchased it, as this could make a difference as to the approach that you can adopt with Acer or the supplier.

I would try the approach that bapiow as suggested, write that 'pressure for action'letter.

  Capred 15:29 21 Aug 05

Thank you both for replying.What a pity ACER cannot do the same!I bought the monitor in mid feb this year.I will make a few calls this week & see how things develope.Capred.

  Ancient Learner 16:29 21 Aug 05

I was thinking of buying an Acer Laptop. This has put me off.

Will these firms ever realise the bad effect that their poor customer relations have on their business.

  spuds 17:59 21 Aug 05

Seeing that the monitor is within the six month time period, then take the issue up with Shopacer,informing them that the item was faulty from the beginning [they have to prove otherwise]due to Acer now have the unit for repair.

You want a new replacement, and you want it NOW.

Trading standards information click here

  bosmere 19:10 21 Aug 05

Capred I had to return my laptop to ACER for repairs and was given a repair ref. no. to quote each time I called.

I found calling at 9am resulted in the shortest 'waiting time for an operator'; but I thought that the overall service I received was good.

  Stuartli 23:44 21 Aug 05

It might be of interest to learn that Acer PCs are manufactured on its behalf by Elite Computer Systems. See:

click here

  Capred 00:12 15 Sep 05

Sorry if anybody was waiting for the result of this situation but I ceased writing the moment I had to involve Trading Standards.Now,3 weeks after they intervened I have finally received a new monitor.It has been upgraded from the original(thank you)but after 8 weeks of waiting, no accompanying letter or e-mail of apology.I still believe that companies have got to learn how to treat their customers or they will have only a Tiny Time to survive.Capred.

  Capred 19:07 27 Sep 05

I'm just back from a week away & was going to sign off from this subject but I see that ACER do not read these pages or do not care.Yet more complaints about their lack of After-Sales/Customer Service care.If going to BBC Watchdog will help other people who find themselves in a similar situation to mine,I will willingly help.They can use anything they wish from my comments & I will retain all paperwork for them.All they have to do is E-Mail via this site.I suppose a general apology from ACER (for all distraught customers)in the National or Trade Press is out of the question?Capred.

  ade.h 20:44 27 Sep 05

Yep, out of the question!! I have recommended Acer laptops to a couple of friends, based on the very good value for money and their tight budgets. I just hope they don't go wrong! I was going to buy one myself to replace my trusty old Tosh, but I'm increasingly thinking otherwise.

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