Acer - customer service director contact wanted

  researcher 21:34 07 Sep 09

My son has an Acer Laptop for which I bought the three year extended warranty. He started to get an intermittent blank screen that then became permanent, this was a month or so before expiry of the extended warrenty.

Since 08.07.09 It has been back to Acer three times and returned to us three times with exactly the same fault, this became obvious five minutres after switch on. This process has taken two months.

It is now back with them for a fourth time and I have written and demanded a replacement. However, I am not convinced that the e-mail address I was given is the best ([email protected]) so can anyone confirm this address or provide an alternative?

Many Thanks.

  Forum Editor 22:59 07 Sep 09

"Since 08.07.09 It has been back to Acer three times"

Who sent it back - did you return it to the retailer from whom you bought it?

Who did you pay for the extended warranty?

  researcher 20:57 08 Sep 09

Hi Ed.

The Laptop was bought from shopacer (CET UK) who I think have since gone bang.

The warranty is an Acer Advantage one direct from Acer and we returned it direct to them as per the warranty requirements.

  researcher 17:44 13 Sep 09

I'm pleased to advise that I got a (standard) response letter from Acer. So at least we now know that the above e-mail address is OK.

Now hopefully we'll get a working laptop back.

  Woolwell 18:37 13 Sep 09

Acer parts used to be distributed from Plymouth area but earlier this year the firm Esplex relocated Eurpean distribution to Poland. I trust that this doesn't mean delays.

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