Acer AL707 TFT for £99 surely an error!

  AndyH 19:13 08 Mar 03

In the acer SMB advert between pages 68 and 69 of this month’s mag (isue92) the back page of the insert advertises this monitor “Acer AL707 TFT for £99”

To say this appears to be a bargain is putting it mildly.

The acer web site doesn’t appear to sell direct and just redirects you to on line stores that sells their products. None of which have this model is stock.

To good to be true???

  AndyH 19:18 08 Mar 03

Should have added that it’s 17inch as well…………………hummmm…….know where I can get one?

  Gran_T_Boy 19:34 08 Mar 03

if you do find out where to get one at that pricw! be sure to write back! :P

  Gran_T_Boy 19:35 08 Mar 03

if you do find out where to get one at that price! be sure to write back! :-P

  AndyH 19:46 08 Mar 03

Hey it gets even better.

Just noticed that the advert says £85 inc vat……….£99 ex vat……….oh well bangs goes my cheap TFT………….their copy proffer is for the high jump though.

Gran_T_Boy…………….I think with the above printing error as well (that will be there get out) we don’t stand a cats chance in hell of getting one for that price……………nice dreaming of it though.

  Gran_T_Boy 19:59 08 Mar 03

ah well!
was thinking i was in luck there! :(

  cycoze 20:12 08 Mar 03

If you read the small print on the last page of the pull out it states "errors and omissions are accepted".

PCA and Acer knew about the errors last week.

"errors and omissions are accepted"...

Do you mean "Accepted" or "Excepted"??

It has a rather large bearing on the matter....;-

  cycoze 20:48 08 Mar 03

It says " accepted" , either way it also states "prices and specification subject to change without notice".

  Stuartli 21:02 08 Mar 03

Must be the April edition.....

  oresome 13:46 09 Mar 03

I wouldn't mind accepting the exceptional price, particularly with the vatman adding to the discount!

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