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  MAJ 20 Feb 12

A mate phoned me last Thursday, he couldn't get his laptop screen to display. Back-light or inverter I thought. So he left it with me. I could vaguely see his desktop when holding the laptop up to the light, so a back-light problem I thought. I removed the screen and noticed the back-light had burnt out. It's a bit of a hassle to source and replace a back-light, so we decided on a new screen at £63.

I phoned Accupart Ltd in Manchester at 3:30pm on Friday and talked to a very pleasant guy who recommended a screen, took my card details and waived the delivery charge to Northern Ireland. 23 hours later, on Saturday afternoon at 2:30 pm I had the screen in my hands. Amazing service, wish more suppliers were as good as that.

An hour after that, by the way, the screen was installed and the laptop back to normal, no dead pixels either. Well done Accupart Ltd.

  buteman 20 Feb 12

Could only find a couple of reviews for them and both were as good as yours.

Their actual web site has no security ratings which would mean that they are fairly new.But a lot of their sales are done through Amazon which is a plus.

Looks like you found a good firm to use MAJ and your comments will probably be very helpful to others in the same situation.

  spuds 20 Feb 12

Its great to hear about these recommendations, instead of hearing about increasing poor service from some sections of the industry. The item then worked virtually straight out of the box, which can only be another bonus point. Its a case of wait and see now, should any problems arise later on.

We have a old large photocopier that required a new 'bulb'. No matter where we tried (manufacturer's to main dealer's), it was the case of "Sorry no can do". Tried a one person business a few miles away, informed that he would have a look around. By the evening, the person called with item. £25.00 and the deal was done. Only problem, when we tried to fit the 'bulb' we broke it. Contacted the person again for a possible replacement. Not only did he deliver the item a few hours later, but fitted it as well, and all for £25.00 again!.

So there are still people you can have faith in , out there!.

  MAJ 20 Feb 12

Hi fellas, it's good to come across a decent supplier and I must admit that the fact they also operate through Amazon did give me a little more confidence, even though, from past experience, that, in itself, is no recommendation. It is an Acer laptop but when I phoned Acer they couldn't help with a new screen, that's why I phoned Accupart directly. The guy on the phone couldn't have been more helpful recommending a replacement screen. Personally I like to hear about decent companies and commit them to memory for future reference, hopefully my experience with Accupart will help others in the same position.

  Woolwell 22 Feb 12

buteman - According to companies register they have been around since 2009. I guess you are using WOT which isn't always reliable.


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