Sebby 22:15 22 Jan 03
  Sebby 22:15 22 Jan 03

After reading several positive reviews of the above site, I ordered 4 EPSON printer cartridges. I have to say, the prices are outstanding, and 95p delivery is just unbelievable.

How do they get their prices so cheap? And I am ok to trust them, aren't I?

Many thanks!

  Stuartli 22:35 22 Jan 03

They are cheap because they are based in Geurnsey - reports of this outlet vary from good to moderate.

  Sebby 22:38 22 Jan 03

Yeh I read a few reports that weren't so good, but this was to do with delivery taking a few weeks. To be honest, I'm not in a rush and to get cartridges for half the price and delivery at 95p, you can't really complain.

Why does being based in Geurnsey make it cheaper?

  mikeyb59 22:50 22 Jan 03

I have used 7dayshop.com on many occasions ans have always been very satisfied.

I think the prices are lower because of the lack of VAT.

  Anonymouse 23:40 22 Jan 03

They are good and cheap - if not always the fastest deliverers.

Make sure that it is actually in stock before you order - this is where the delays usually arise.

  anchor 09:52 23 Jan 03

I would like to add my support for 7dayshop. Used them on numerous occasions; no problems. Delivery takes about a week.

  Coaster3 10:12 23 Jan 03

I've shopped at 7 Day Shop for some considerable time. The shortest delivery time I've experienced was two days and the longest was eight days.

For the prices they charge, it's well worth the wait.

  Elrond 11:35 23 Jan 03

Very good prices and as they're based in Guernsey you can't expect that fast a delivery.

  Stuartli 12:03 23 Jan 03

The reason the prices are different is because of the tax laws - for a start, if I remember correctly, there is no 17 and a half per cent VAT; that adds a sizable chunk to any goods or services you require.

  anchor 12:44 23 Jan 03

True, there is the VAT advantage, but I find their prices are significantly lower than just the 17.5%.

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