6800 GS graphics card

  Alfresco 11:51 01 Feb 06

Can anyone tell me the best make of this card to go for and any cheap places to buy from. i also need a new 450w psu to run it and the prices seem to differ by quite alot.

Any advise would be great. Thanks.

  Diodorus Siculus 11:58 01 Feb 06

Don't know about the card, but I'd suggest that you get a decent PSU - cheaper ones are known to cause a few problems which don't seem directly related to the PSU - shutdowns etc.

Also, a more expensive one is likely to have better cooling options which run more silently.

  Alfresco 12:01 01 Feb 06

cheers. What sort of price buys a good quality one

  Diodorus Siculus 12:08 01 Feb 06

Around £40 will get you a decent one from Novatech:

HIPER 425 WATT 18db Silent PSU ATX : hyp-425psu
click here for the one I have and it's not caused any problems.

  rmcqua 12:46 01 Feb 06

I agree with Diodorus Siculus.
A few £ extra spent on a quality power supply is always money well spent.

  Alfresco 13:07 01 Feb 06

thanks. Can anyone help with the graphics card

  vinnyT 15:10 01 Feb 06

XFX geforce 6800gs xxx edition is currently listed as the mid-range graphics card of choice in CustomPCs CPC elite pages.



click here


click here

  vinnyT 15:13 01 Feb 06

Sorry just checked links, both are for pci-e.

  Totally-braindead 15:17 01 Feb 06

I bought a Tagan 480watt power supply and its very good the TG480-U22. The thing I didn't consider was how many extra connectors it had and its a bit tight, next time I would buy a modular one, this means you can remove the cables you don't use and it gives you more space. Never mind you live and learn.

  ulrich 18:35 01 Feb 06

I agree with Vinny T, I'm getting one shortly. Whatever you do buy a decent PSU, and not do what I have done in the last couple of years, buy one that is more than enough for your future needs, my next one will be a Seasonic 600w, which should keep me running for a long time.

  Alfresco 19:30 01 Feb 06

The xfx xxx edition looks great. Think i'll be going for that one.


P.S. How do you put the "click here" links in? (i'm stupid!!!)

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