Is £450-500 enough for a PC?

  Wiskaa 29 Jul 12

Hi guys,

I am new here and I really want to build my own computer! I have never done anything inside a computer before as I have ScaredtoOpenAComputerPhobia :/

I do all of my gaming on my consoles so I won't be using the computer for gaming at all. I will be mainly doing stuff like Microsoft Office, Photoshop, Dreamweaver and perhaps Video Editing. The computer itself will be away from my router so it would be great if it had Wi-Fi built it too.

One part I am sure to buy is an SSD, 128gb being enough for the system so do you think it is possible to build a system capable of doing this in that budget and if so what parts should I buy?

  spuds 30 Jul 12

This type of question comes up fairly regular on the forum, and there might be a few good solutions obtained by checking the archives.

I would make a suggestion that you perhaps look at bare-bone systems, where the components are supplied as a compatible bundle. This would save a number of problems, if its a first build. Have a look at somewhere like Novatech as a start. There are a number of other suppliers who would have bare-bone systems on offer for comparisons.

Once you have an idea,that might suit your pocket and expertise, then come back with any questions.

Would mention that for £450/£500 you could get something off the shelve with a manufacturer's warranty on the complete unit. If you go this route, then check if Windows or Linux is included in the price. Ebuyer might have some special offers here.


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