rickimalone 15:40 02 May 04

Having trouble finding a good quality black 4 bay atx case with 400watt PSU.

Any advice??

  Rayuk 15:46 02 May 04

Something like the bottom one here
click here

  rickimalone 16:03 02 May 04

Good site not come across that one before, just question I need answered the system i'm building will be running AMD2500+--(Barton)--Radeon 9200--512MB PC2700RAM--SONY COMBI DVD/CDRW DRIVE--WindowsXP and basic broadband internet and word processing.

Do I need a 400watt or could I use 300 or 350 ??????? Help please

  Rayuk 16:05 02 May 04

A good quality 300/350 yes but a 400 would be good for future upgrades.
I did notice I think that there was one with a 350watt on that site which should be ok for what you have.

  spuds 17:07 02 May 04

Think in terms of future upgrades.A couple or so years ago, 200 watts were ample, look at the add-on coming on line now. All need that little extra juice.

  rickf 17:32 02 May 04

Here's one I got for my son. Its a very good sturdy case with 450w. If you don't mind it modded of course. Thought it might help.
click here

  sctang 19:36 02 May 04

If colour isn't a priority I would recommend the Antec Lanboy, which comes with a 350watt smartblue psu.

  sctang 19:39 02 May 04

Please note that some psu's actual output arent really 400watts. Some manufacturers classify their ratings by the maximum load the psu can go to, which is not necessarily what they can handle.

  rickimalone 16:54 03 May 04


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