3D Glasses

  OBE-1 12:40 19 Jan 03
  OBE-1 12:40 19 Jan 03

iv just got my self some 3D Glasses for my pc to play games thay are from eDimensional and wow what can i say but wow you should all have some and thay where only £50

  Forum Editor 15:38 19 Jan 03

Many years ago, there were several experiments with 3D films. Some were on general release, and you were given a pair of 3D glasses with your ticket. We wouldn't have paid £1 for them, never mind ONLY £50. How times have changed.

  Peter E 16:09 19 Jan 03

If I'm thinking of the same thing, the specs were made of cardboard with one red and one blue plastic lens. You could have a good night out for five-bob then.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 16:29 19 Jan 03

A friend of mine has a pair but I think they will only work with NVIDIA based cards...but they are rather good.


  -pops- 16:30 19 Jan 03

I'm of a similar vintage. Oue glasses were red and green - were the blue ones the luxury version??

There was a sort of relaunch a few years ago of a clear lens and a darkened one. It relied on a moving background/glasses combination to give the effect. Could never catch on as there aren't that many opportunities to have continually moving backgrounds. It was in colour though.


  Belatucadrus 16:36 19 Jan 03

I will admit to seeing "Spacehunter:Adventures in the forbidden zone" a cheesy movie in 3D at the local fleapit many moons ago. The glasses weren't red and green though, I seem to remember it was something to do with them being polarised at 90 degrees to each other.

  graham 16:55 19 Jan 03

I think it was, tried to do it with TV.

  OBE-1 17:31 19 Jan 03

no these are not red & green thay are real glass that inter lock with you monitor refresh rate
and thus 3d is formed
thay will work with other cards not just nvidia cards you should go to there wed site
click here
once you tryed them you will not look back

  Peter E 18:22 19 Jan 03

Red and green not red blue? Could have been. Polarized? Seem to remember something about that. It was an age ago - maybe our memories are going (well, mine is).

GANDALF <|:-)>

Is that the cardboard 3D specs that work with NVIDIA cards or the newer ones? :)

  Peter E 18:59 19 Jan 03

Did a search on Google - the specs were, as you correctly said, red and green.


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