2nd user systems

  Zero G 18:28 10 Mar 07

I'm looking for 2nd user laptops to use for a client at work.
Anyone know of any good places, looking at under £300.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 18:36 10 Mar 07

PC World are flogging laptops for £350 with 15.4 screen and DVD writer...and Vista. Theya re new and more than your ceiling price but could your client beg, borrow or steal the £50? click here


  spuds 18:59 10 Mar 07

2nd user laptops normally have a very limited warranty period. Best to take Gandalf's suggestion and pay that little bit extra,for better protection.

  GaT7 19:50 10 Mar 07

Another £350 laptop with 15.4" screen, DVD-write & Vista, plus double the memory (1Gb) & hard disk space (80GB) click here. Change the Hardware support to 90-day Collect & return. G

  Taff™ 07:59 11 Mar 07

There are plenty of laptops around for £299 + VAT. If your client is VAT registered would that fit the bill? Or is it £300 inc VAT? How many does he want?

  Zero G 08:33 11 Mar 07

They would prefer £300 incl VAT.
Did think of a company like click here

  Taff™ 09:29 11 Mar 07

Most of the laptops that fall into your price range are second hand with 90 day RTB warranty. No guarantee what the state of the battery is like. I would still go for brand new - how many and are they VAT registered?

  Newuser38 09:30 11 Mar 07

click here may be worth a look also Dell outlet where they do returns and refurbs, also Novatech occasionally have some good deals. I suspect your a bit near a break off point with the £300.

  spuds 10:40 11 Mar 07

I have never dealt with Sterling, but they have been around for many years, so they must be doing something right, to be in business all those years.

Buying a 2nd user laptop could have a limited usage battery with no warranty offered. On failure, then these can be very expensive to replace on older model laptops, even by buying perhaps cheaper compatible battery types. Just another thought about going the 2nd user way!.

  Zero G 10:08 13 Mar 07

Cheers, may but a cheap new pc instead for the client.

  Taff™ 18:09 13 Mar 07

Are you looking for one computer (Laptop or Tower) or are you looking for more than one? There are many, many sites you can buy these from - hence my questions.

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