256MB PC3200 DDR for £20-something at PC World

  May the Schwarz be with you... 23:46 02 Jan 04

Hi, I saw an advert in The Sun today from PC World and they are doing half price at the moment on their RAM. I think it's made by PNY or something. Are they any good? I currently have a Crucial 256MB PC2700 DDR RAM in my XP 1700+ and GF4 Ti4200 PC. I'm tempted to buy some since my PC can be a bit slow at times and RAM prices have been quite high for some time now. If I bought this RAM, it would just run at PC2700 like my Crucial one right?

  goonerbill 01:05 03 Jan 04

the thing with ddr ram it dont clock down, as far as i know so if you have pc2700 in your pc, pc3200 wont run at pc2700 (166mhz)

someone may prove me wrong, but thats what i have read.

  researcher 22:41 05 Jan 04

Please check that your MB will cope with PC3200, my ASUS A7V333 will only support up to PC2700.

  Flaco 06:05 06 Jan 04

with selecting RAM. I saw the offer in store and it's very tempting. However, specific RAM has to be matched to differing motherboards for a number of reasons (as best as I can make out). This is why decent websites will include links to Crucial's RAM selector application which helps you match the components precisely.

i've got an MSI KT3 ULTRA 2-R motherboard that acording to the msi website supports :-

Main Memory

• Support six memory banks using three 184-pin DDR DIMMs
• Support a maximum memory size up to 3GB
• Support 2.5v DDR200/266/333 DDR SDRAM DIMM

now as far as i've seen this means that it will only support up to pc2700 maybe i'm wrong but the crucial website is saying that i can put pc3200 in it.

can anybody tell me if this is right or wrong


  cthooli 21:51 06 Jan 04

from my experience crucial is usually pretty square on but my experiences with PC World havent been too bad, but check (i realise its a sale but its worth a try) if u can return the RAM if it doesnt work. Or even offer to bring the comp in let them install it and see for them selves? just dont let thm give u a free PC health check....................!

  rickf 14:53 07 Jan 04

I think your max is 2700ddr as far as I know.


i know it is m8 , thats why i was suprised that the crucial website said i could use 3200 , i clicked on quite a few boards that the msi website says only goes up to 2700 but crucial says that 3200 will work in them.

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