24" Monitor or 32" LCD TV??

  Gringo2005 15:59 21 Apr 08

Looking to replace my LG 19" monitor with a better panel while I am upgrading my machine.
Will be used for mixture of multimedia and gaming.
Someones recommended a 24" Dell screen but I know of someone who runs a 32" LCD TV for gaming and they swear by it.

Any views/comments appreciated!!

  Arnie 10:42 22 Apr 08


Panasonic 32” TVs provide a 15 pin sub-D connector at the rear of their sets.
I’m sure many other manufactures also provide this facility.

The TV’s manual explains the scan setup parameters required to connect to the computer.

  donki 12:52 22 Apr 08

I have a 32" LCD HDTV downstairs and a 22" Monitor in my room, I sometimes take the pc downstairs if I have a free house and use the big screen but I prefer the 22" cause of the much higher resolution.

The 22" has a max of 1600x1050

The 32" has a max of 1366 x 768

So you can see there is quite a drop in resolution, I would recommend a good quality 22" or 24" monitor over a larger LCD TV.

P.S. remember you will need a good quality GFX card for higher resolutions.

  Stuartli 13:41 22 Apr 08

My youngest offspring regularly uses his TV (was 32in LCD, now 37in plasma) as a monitor (done wirelessly from his system).

Even better now is that it all goes through a new X-Box...:-)

The display quality in all modes is quite stunning.

  Gringo2005 15:39 22 Apr 08

Cheers Guys, sounds like a higher end monitor is the best bet.
I am running 2 Sapphire X1950Pro 256mb in Crossfire so should be a good output.

Whats the best way of connecting to the monitor?

Any suggestions on a suitable 22/24" monitor for under £300?

  Stuartli 15:50 22 Apr 08

You don't sit as close to a large screen TV as a computer monitor...:-)

  GaT7 18:30 22 Apr 08

"Any suggestions on a suitable 22/24" monitor for under £300?"

If still looking, a few to consider:

• Samsung SM226BW 22" - £204 click here
• Samsung Pebble SM2232BW 22" - £215 click here
• Samsung SM245B 24" (height-adjustable) - £286 click here

Read user & independent reviews for each. G

  Gringo2005 20:44 22 Apr 08

Thanks Crossbow7

Decided to order the SM245B, reviews are good!

Have a 40" Samsung 1080p LCD in the lounge for Sky and Xbox and been really pleased with it, so makes sense to stay with brand.

  Stuartli 21:54 22 Apr 08

A Panasonic would be even better...:-)

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