2-speaker + subwoofer system wanted

  Handy Spinner 22:28 19 Jan 04

Just debating in my mind which 2-speaker + subwoofer system to get. I am considering primarily the Altec Lansing 221 system and the Creative Inspire P380.

Altec - click here

Creative - click here

Comments please! I'm looking for one around £35 - £40.

  Handy Spinner 23:44 19 Jan 04

Or what about the G380? click here

  Stuartli 08:41 20 Jan 04

You won't go far wrong with speakers from Altec Lansing (top US hi-fi speaker manufacturer), Creative, Logitech and similar quality manufacturers - the more you pay the better should be the sound quality.

Scan of Bolton (click here) sells Altec Lansing as well, amongst others, and its TodayOnly page often has special prices for speaker systems.

  Gaz 25 17:20 20 Jan 04

Go for ALTEC!

  Handy Spinner 09:16 21 Jan 04

Why do you say that, Gaz? Just wondering...

  Stuartli 09:28 21 Jan 04

Because, I would guess, the company has many, many years of designing and producing high quality speakers for hi-fi enthusiasts.

Speaker systems are not just boxes with speaker units in them....:-)

Creative, Logitech etc supply good speakers and value for money, but they don't have the same background in the technology and, I would suspect, rebadge other manufacturers' products under their own name.

  Handy Spinner 15:18 21 Jan 04

So Creative are primarily sound cards, while Altec are primarily speakers?

  Diemmess 18:10 21 Jan 04

By coincidence I am still grinning with pleasure from my new Altech 221. It was more up-market than I had intended, but the quality of sound is superb.

Some of the smile has gone from my face because I am having appalling problems installing a new Creative SB 4.1 which will not live with my HyperOS Win98SE system. I thought better speakers deserved an alternative to an onboard sound system.

There you go!

  Handy Spinner 21:13 21 Jan 04

Useful to know. Thanks.

I'm going for a Hercules GameSurround sound card, recommended by a friend very much into music...but oddly enough he recommends a Creative Inspire 4.1 set. Problem is, I just don't have the space for a 4.1 set! Maybe I will go for the Altec after all. After all, they were recommended by the best PC magazine ever ;-)

  Stuartli 09:33 22 Jan 04

Buy the Altec Lansings and your ears will provide all the evidence you require, but make sure you have a good soundcard to get the best out of them.

Remember, if you put rubbish in, then even the best speakers in the world can only put rubbish out.....

Creative is not, as you suggest, primarily a soundcard company although it produces good ones, but specialist manufacturers are the way to go to get the very best; that's a rule that applies to products of any nature.

  Stuartli 09:38 22 Jan 04

Are you intending to use your system to listen to music or for games?

I would have thought, in the case of the former, that one of the Creative Audigy cards would be superior to the Hercules, especially with 2.1.

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