2 cards or one in new p.c graphicscards help!

  vanfish 10:05 05 Jul 08

my new p.c was going to have two cards 8800gt in sli but i have been advised to go for the new radeon card 4800series cards can one card out perform two and which card or cards are best for gaming HELP!

  mrwoowoo 19:57 05 Jul 08

Only my opinion but since not all games support sli,such as C.O.D.4, i would go for the 4800 series.So in an unsupported sli mode the ATI would obviously outperform the two 8800gt's.
Wolud it beat two 8800gt's running in sli mode with a compatible game? Not sure about that.Think we will need someone elses input on that,although the 4000 series are excellent cards.
The other thing is that if the same board is being supplied i would imagine it wont be a crossfire board as i think they have to be either one or the other.
This will mean that in the future, if you wish to add a second ati in crossfire mode you won't be able to.

  Kevscar1 07:48 06 Jul 08

More and more games will start to take advantage of 2 cards so the machine I've ordered has 2 9800GX2 1GB's in. That should keep me going for a few years

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