1TB Free Email - that's 1000GB!

  powerless 18:16 11 Jun 04

I say apparently here because I have not signed up to check.

But click here offer 1TB for you email.

But don't quote me on that!

  Gaz 25 18:26 11 Jun 04


Thats a bit OTT to say the least.

  byfordr 11:48 12 Jun 04

Could be interesting. I wonder what the maximum size of emails you can send is?

  -Beb- 14:37 12 Jun 04

Why would ANYONE need over 100mb?

  Forum Editor 14:59 12 Jun 04

of storage space - particularly for email - and although I have heard nothing derogatory about this company I will not be applying. Why on earth should anyone offer you such a large chunk of server space for nothing?

  interzone55 21:53 12 Jun 04

Anyone read the Terms of Service?

They're a UK corporation based in Malaysia, it may be a blind prejudice of mine, but I could never trust a UK company that has it's headquaters elsewhere, it's usually because they don't want to abide by certain of our laws.

  Mister Splendid 22:14 12 Jun 04

I too have reservations about this offer. There has to be a catch. And why do they need to base themselves in Malaysia?

  GANDALF <|:-)> 22:49 12 Jun 04

'why do they need to base themselves in Malaysia? '.......simple economics....cost.


  Forum Editor 00:06 13 Jun 04

Yes, lots of UK businesses are based in Malaysia, and Singapore, and Hong Kong, and Shanghai, and............the list goes on.

It has nothing to do with "because they don't want to abide by certain of our laws." and there's absolutely no reason to shun a company because it's based abroad.

  Grey Man 01:44 13 Jun 04

it asks you to enter your e-mail address. why would a company offer you an email service and want your other email address apart from intending to sell it to spammers?

  ensonricky 02:23 13 Jun 04

Just provide a newly signed up hotmail account and away you go. Anybody with any sense will have a secondary account set up purely for general registration purposes.

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