160GB External Hard Drive £119.99, from Aldi

  Jason-284828 23:35 03 Jan 04

Taken from an E-mail sent to me from Aldi

"External Hard Disc Drive £119.99
Expand your PC storage capacity with this easy to use external hard drive. Features include USB 2.0, a firewire interface, 160Gb capacity, 7200 rpm speed and a useful on/off switch. Can stand vertically or horizontally and has a 2Mb cache. Compatible with Windows 98/2000/XP. Includes USB and firewire cables, CD Rom and user manual. Comes complete with three years manufacturer’s warranty and customer helpline number."

Could you get an internal hard drive for that price.

I was in PC world today and for that price I think the best External one I saw was just 60GB.

  Jason-284828 23:36 03 Jan 04

by the way I forgot to say it's on sale from the 8th Jan, which happens to be my birthday as well.

There is also a +/- internal dvd write for £79.99

and 50 sheets of 170gsm glossy paper for £6.99

click here

  The Spires 00:21 04 Jan 04

Saw it on the email, looks great. :-(

to my neighbour......

although i doubt it would work....

  Stuartli 09:25 04 Jan 04



Sounds almost too good to be true, especially with a three year warranty. Like the idea of a useful on/off switch..:-)

A Maxtor 160GB external HDD, for instance, is £154 including VAT plus delivery at dabs; three internal equivalents from Western Digital are all under £100 net and a Seagate £102 (again internal).

As external drives are normally quite a bit more than the internal versions it certainly makes the Aldi offer look impressive.

  Stuartli 09:30 04 Jan 04

I notice that there's also a bottle of monitor screen cleaner at £1.29, plus the inkjet refill packs offer being repeated.

  Demora 23:16 04 Jan 04

Guess I'll be walking to Aldi on Thursday.....Already have 180Gbytes in the PC but with 160 external hdd I could carry all my video stuff to work. As I work with graphx all the time it will be a godsend


  Al94 19:58 07 Jan 04

We don't have Aldi in Northern Ireland!

  sdf 20:20 07 Jan 04

do they have a web site by any chance? I am unaware of an Aldi near me

  Newuser38 21:24 07 Jan 04

Not a site for buying but click here will give you store locations. If you buy in store they do not accept credit cards!

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