12V adapter for Dell Inspiron 1764 laptop

  Gusto 09 Aug 11

I bought a non-Dell 12V adapter which gives the required 19 volt output. When attached to the Inspiron I get the message "adapter not recognized, please install a Dell adapter". I complained to Dell about this and got a series of amazing replies (summarized below). 1. Any generic adapter will work with the Inspiron. My reply - "No it doesn't". 2. Sorry, I misunderstood and will send you a Dell adapter. 3. Sorry, some confusion, your adapter works OK. My reply "No it doesn't". 4. I would like to inform you that the auto air adapter you were using is not recognized because the system accepts adapters only provided by Dell. I am afraid to inform you that we do not produce auto air adapters that can be used [with 12 volts]. I saw no point in replying to this. (Dell now lists a 12 volt adapter}. I am puzzled because several vendors offer 12 volt adapters compatible with the 1764. Perhaps my laptop has aglitch. Any thoughts on perhaps tweaking the software or how to hit Dell on the head? (I read the a person from Dell sits on a PCA panel. Perhaps he would like to see Dell's version of customer care!).

  wee eddie 10 Aug 11

"I bought a non-Dell 12V adapter which gives the required 19 volt output"

Quote from the above. Is the 19 Volt output a Typo?

  interzone55 10 Aug 11

Are you looking to convert 12v, such as supply from a car or caravan, to 19v for the laptop?

If so by far the easiest way to do this is to buy a power inverter like this one from Maplin http://www.maplin.co.uk/175w-mini-invertor-with-usb-charging-socket-398486 or this from Play.Com http://tinyurl.com/4ywc5nx

  Forum Editor 10 Aug 11


I happen to know that this adaptor is required for use on a boat. It's not that I have special powers, Gusto contacted me via email to ask about a Dell contact.

  Gusto 16 Aug 11

Thanks Alan 14. I had intended,if I failed to get any redress from Dell, to get a 230 volt converter from Maplin - but it isn't very convenient for a boat. I was not aware of the "Play" converter which is much more convenient. Thanks again. Gusto


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