1&1 ripping me off

  AFTHEROCK 12:53 14 Jan 03
  AFTHEROCK 12:53 14 Jan 03

I have seen the advertises for 1&1 Web Hosting in your magazine for months, and when deciding on a better web host for your exsisting site, I chose 1&1, as I needed Front Page 2002 Server Extensions support, and our exisiting host didn't have it at the time, Web Mania, they only had 2000 Extensions.

I brought the MS Business Pakcage from 1&1 (click here), even tohugh just beofre I brought the hosting, I got an eamil form Web Mania that they now support 2002 Server Extensions. I checked out the Web Mania Extensions, and they worked, but still thought of going with a more dependable providor like 1&1, but I were wrong, dead wrong.

Included within the package is free express support by email and phone. I haven't tried phone yet, but have emailed them a couple of times, but no reply, even though they guarantee a reply within 24 hours.

Our problem is with the Front Page 2002 Server Extensions, they dont work. You do have to enable them from the Control Panel first, which I have done last week on Tuesday, and it says, it will take a day for it to be enabled.

On Saturday, I did upload the site, but the Extensions did not work, so I reseted the Extensions, which you can do form the 1&1 Control Panel, and it said that this will take an hour, and I tried again, after a couple of hours, but no luck. They still did not work.

Next, I emailed them for support, explaining the situation, and then waited for a reply. On Monday, I checked, but on reply yet. I sent another email, but only after reseteing the server extesions and waiting for a few hours, and finding no luck again.

What can I do now, I can get my money back, but I like there 1&1's Web Mail, which you dont get with Web Mania, and also, would like to use the free software they have promised, which should arrive by next week.

I have sent them another email, today using a different email address, and have explained the whole situation again. If no luck, then next would be to phone.

Any answers, as to what I can do with the stupid 1&1, and why the problems may presist.

  Sir Radfordin™ 13:17 14 Jan 03

Why don't you just ring them and speak to someone?

It really is the simplest way to get to the root of the problem.

I don't suggest you call them stupid however, you are likely to annoy them and find them less than helpful.

  AFTHEROCK 13:24 14 Jan 03

Yeh, this is what I'll try today.


  Sir Radfordin™ 13:32 14 Jan 03

Email is great, and can have its uses, but for loads of things it takes twice as long to actually find out what the problem is and what needs doing.

Ringing may cost and it may seem to take longer, but if the problem is needing to be solved then its the best option.

  AFTHEROCK 13:32 14 Jan 03

Yeh, thats ture.

  Thin White Duke 00:08 15 Jan 03

I have signed up with click here

Very cheap, and problems are solved with one hour! - very friendly and speak to you in 'english terms'.

Highly recommended!.

  spuds 00:29 15 Jan 03

I use 1and1 services, and I have had no past problems with their response via email or phone.Sometimes their email reply can be a little solemn and to the point, but usually they have the answer.I use the 'contact us'via their website method,can take upto 48 hours depending business hours.

  fudge 14:02 15 Jan 03

I use 1&1 and have found their phone service is excellent. They answer quickly, it's only a local call rate and if they can't solve the problem they soon get somebody who can. Emails tend to take up to 48 hours, and as Sir Radfordin™ says, it's not the quickest way to solve a problem.

Only gripe is that they are a bit slow in billing, but even this is like greased lightning compared to Tiscali!

  PC Advisor. 15:04 15 Jan 03


Sorry to hear you're having problems. Unfortunately we can't tolerate the use of terms like rip off, for reasons of libel.

Feel free to post again using more level headed language.

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