02 network bad service?

  >steve< 20:15 16 Mar 06

my mom as been a loyal customer for 5 years anyway last year she started to have problems with her nokia phone we have been in touch with 02 and as the phone was working fine in the shop we cant prove we have had problems with it and they wont change the phone for a different model.Things really got scary when my dad had a heart attack and because mom could not get a signal mom had to run out of the house and go next door leaving my dad alone he could have died that night.We explained to 02 that this was the reason mom got a mobile phone to begin with.I just find it a bit heartless of 02 not to supply a phone that works 100%of the time,mom even said she would pay any extra costs for a better phone.

  oresome 20:33 16 Mar 06

Sounds like it may be a network coverage issue, rather than a problem with the particular phone.

If possible, you need to compare it with another phone on the same network in one of the problem areas.

If both phones give problems, a different network povider may give better coverage in that area.

If only your mum's phone gives problems, the fact that it works in the shop proves nothing. The shop may be in a high signal strength area and the phone would still work with a defect.

It needs to be tested using instruments by the repairers.

  pavvi 20:35 16 Mar 06

I can see what you are saying, but there are a number of factors that need to be covered. How old is the phone she has? have you tried the sim in a different phone in the same place? That would rule out the sim, or any problem with a local transmitter. If it does then turn out to be the phone then you have more information to give the staff

  SG Atlantis® 22:08 16 Mar 06

Networks state that mobile phone service is not to be used as a replacement for landlines and is not to be relied on for emergencies.

  >steve< 23:06 16 Mar 06

the coveridge may well be an issue but the signal was alot stronger when i put the chip in a differant phone and so it may be a combernation of bad phone weak signal but i still think 02 should allow my mom to swap the phone.

  >steve< 23:12 16 Mar 06

i think the only thing to do is wait till the contract is up then change network provider is vodaphone still good or is orange better.

  SG Atlantis® 06:03 17 Mar 06

click here voda
click here o2
click here tmobile
click here orange
click here 3

Others like tesco and virgin piggyback on other networks. tesco = 02 and virgin = t mobile, 3 piggyback on 02 for voice calls when the have no 3g coverage in that area.

  frankie 22:51 22 Mar 06

never ever had good service from them £1 min helpline,slow on the net best avoided

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