02 broadband - any feedback?

  Chris the Ancient 11:32 23 Nov 07

Today, the postman delivered a missive from )2 offering me, as a contract phone holder, an extremely competitive broadband package. click here

It starts at £7.50 for up to 8M. OK, so my exchange might not be able to handle that and I might be a bit too far, but that's a bit 'by the way'. And... the offered support is free and 24/7!

However, I don't know if 02 are 'new kids on the block' in the broadband market or have any track record.

Anyone able to offer me guidance or feedback?

(I shall be out again until late afternoon)



  Chris the Ancient 13:05 25 Nov 07


  Crash 14:09 25 Nov 07

Check it out here click here

  Chris the Ancient 15:43 25 Nov 07

Thanks for that link.

I think I may well go down the 02 route in light of that.


  Border View 16:39 28 Nov 07

I am with Zen and have an O2 mobile. Received the same offer as you.

My only concern is that they are tying you up for a 12 month contract. Whereas with Zen its a one month contract. A reduction of £10 a month rental though is very tempting.

Think I shall wait a while and see if O2 suffer broadband overkill.

  Chris the Ancient 18:11 28 Nov 07

As with you, that offer of £10 pm is s-o-o-o tempting.

I also like the support through an 0800 number extremely nice as well.

At the moment, I'm with virgin (but not cable) and don't have much in the way of complaints, though they do have a tendency to drop out where I am. And when I had some problems about 9 months ago, they weren't overly helpful }-((

If I do get fed up with 02, that may take a couple of months or more, and at the rates they're charging for dropping a contract, the loss is not as heavy as it could be with other ISPs out there.

I did find Crash's link provided a bit of reassurance though. I certainly thought (more than) twice when Sky tried to get me 'on board' when I saw so many whinges about their service and decided that "no thanks" seemed like a good expression there!

I have a bit of time free Friday morning, so I might try talking to 02 then.

  Chris the Ancient 18:11 28 Nov 07

Meant to say £10 reduction!

  The Moog 23:07 28 Nov 07

It may be a 12 month contract but there is a 100 day cooling off period if things are not to your liking. I have taken the plunge and am in the process of switching over from Nildram - a saving of £15.99.... not to be sniffed at! Roll on Tuesday when I am switched over.

First impressions are very good. Lots of communication and guidence. I spoke to one of their customer service advisors today with a service enquiry and he was very knowledgable.

Lets see how it all goes (Well, I hope!)

  researcher 23:03 03 Dec 07

Have just signed up to O2Broadband (28.11.07), due to be connected Thursday. Ex Plusnet,good website and very open with info, just fed up with 38kbit speeds!

O2 has easy to set up e-mail accounts and you get a text and e-mail confirmation.

Hopefully the transfer will go OK, will advise sometime soon.

  Chris the Ancient 17:00 04 Dec 07

Hi guys

Thanks for that feedback.

I still haven't had the time to get sorted with a changeover, but as soon as I get a morning or afternoon off, the phone lines will be humming.

  Border View 23:06 07 Dec 07

How is it going?

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