whats next ?

  sunnystaines 26 Mar 10

now our norton betas have ended and we are enjoying the final version [thankyou PCA/Norton] anything else in the pipline.

  mobileman1953 26 Mar 10

not heard anything about i m p final product yet

  sunnystaines 26 Mar 10

having tested the beta I do not think IMP would be viable in the paid for market.

and as for left over reg entries after uninstall never found so many before and that was using revo.

regseeker cleaned up afterwards.

  Ventad 28 Mar 10

Got an email from imp yesterday to download the final version and try it out again

  sunnystaines 28 Mar 10

never got the email, please post if its any better.

  Ventad 29 Mar 10

Looks better visually, only tried it once so far been too busy but even my large size photos loaded and presented ok! this time. Could only do small files last time. Also a button to change the boxes A freeform tool

  Forum Editor 31 Mar 10

that IMP will be launching soon. Those of you who took part in the original beta can download the latest version by visiting the IMP forum.

We have another interesting software testing session coming up, but I can't give details here and now. Watch Speakers Corner for an announcement very soon.

  sunnystaines 31 Mar 10



  Ventad 03 Apr 10

Done a couple of presentations it now works ok. Have not used video yet only photos and writing I will try that later this coming week.

You can move the presentation boxes and enlarge/reshape etc quite good even place on top of another

  sunnystaines 03 Apr 10

thanks is it another trial or did you buy it.

  Ventad 03 Apr 10

It is still part of the trial 3rd beta test.


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