Norton 360 version 4.0 Insight Optimiser

  Forum Editor 10:46 01 Nov 09

Have you tried the Insight Optimiser, and if you have, what were your impressions?

  mobileman1953 12:55 01 Nov 09

what is the insight optimiser where do you find it and what does it do

  Quickbeam 13:09 01 Nov 09

Open 360, point over 'PC security protected' and it's last in the drop down list, called 'Run Norton Insight'.

Took me a while to see it too.

  Quickbeam 13:11 01 Nov 09

At least that's what I assume the FE means?

  mobileman1953 14:46 01 Nov 09

found it ran it does not seem to have made any difference to anything

  Newuser38 15:30 01 Nov 09

I dont think at present it is finding anything to optimise it cancels after optimise is clicked.

I have read all the advice and am not sure exactly how it is used. Will read again after lunch is digested.

  Giant68 15:42 01 Nov 09

Ran it, couldn't see any appreciable difference.

  bjh 16:12 01 Nov 09

Well, on my new install, 98% of files are trusted, 2% to be scanned.

However, I've not even noticed a performance impact to scanning, so not sure I'll notice a speedup.

  Newuser38 16:17 01 Nov 09

I have 99% trusted 1% to be scanned still not absolutely sure of what that means.

  babybell 16:45 01 Nov 09

Much improved from V3, only have 11% of files that require scanning whereas V3 I had at least 25%. Seems that "trusted file" data has been increased greatly, which is good as some files in V3 were clearly ok to trust but were flagged as not. This seems to have improved.

  mark2 20:59 01 Nov 09

currently have 88% trusted and 12% require scanning. I do have some files that will worry any of the a/v systems, being various system recovery/repair all-in-one cd isos and the necessary files to build them.

There are a couple of false positives amongst them and have had to tell N 360 to ignore them.

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