Email to Matt Egan bounced

  I am Spartacus 25 Jan 09

Has anyone else had their email regarding the offer of Norton 360 to Matt bounced?

The Mailer-Daemon is stating:

'server refused to talk to me: 476 connections from your host are denied'

Do I need to resend?

  tullie 25 Jan 09

No and Yes

  Forum Editor 26 Jan 09

There certainly isn't one at ours. I suggest you retry the message.

  I am Spartacus 26 Jan 09

Unfortunately the resent email bounced also. I'll get in touch with my ISP. I've now replied to Matt via Hotmail.

  mamsboy 26 Jan 09

Have I missed something, I have not received any email about an offer??

  tullie 27 Jan 09

Everyone that took part in the Beta test should have,i assume.

  I am Spartacus 27 Jan 09

Hotmail email was received by Matt.

  Forum Editor 27 Jan 09

You were on the list of beta testers that I sent to Matt - perhaps there's been a glitch of some kind. I've emailed Matt about you, so you should hear from him soon.

  Forum Editor 27 Jan 09

Matt did email you - maybe it went into your junkmail folder?

Anyway, another email is on its way to you as I write.

  mamsboy 28 Jan 09

Thanks Forum Editor, now received.


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