Windows Virtual Machine XP Mode

  iioimurray 12 Sep 12

Recently purchased a new pc with Windows 7 Professional needed to install old version of Lotus Smartsuite (97) that had been on previous machine running XP. Program was not compatible with 7 so downloaded Windows Virtual Machine and installed program from original disk into XP Mode successfully. Now want to migrate program into 7 so as to appear seamless running - anyone know how this is done? Tried following advised procedure but has not resulted in program being listed in Windows 7 All Programs - XP Mode Start right click Programs click Open all Users XP Mode Start right click Programs click Explore Copy shortcut of program from 2nd window into 1st Check program now listed in Windows 7 All Programs (not!!!) Peter

  johndrew 12 Sep 12

When installed in the Virtual PC you can start the software from "All Programs/Windows Virtual PC/Windows XP Mode Applications" - normally near the bottom of the list. If you go to the location of the file in All Programs you can right click the icon and "Pin" it to the "Start Menu" or "Taskbar", clicking on the icon in any of these three locations will start the software as if it is running in W7.

  iioimurray 12 Sep 12

johndrew Thanks for the suggestion - problem is that as yet program is not located in All Programs in Windows 7 - it is definitely installed and running in VM but I need to get it across to 7 to be accessed for PIN into Startup.


  johndrew 14 Sep 12

Which program is it you can't find, Windows Virtual PC or Windows XP Mode Applications?

On installation of the Virtual PC a new folder is created in W7 "All Programs" which contains three other items one of these is "Windows XP Mode Applications" and in this are all programs loaded within the Virtual PC.

You must of course install any XP software using the Virtual PC to achieve this. If you need more help look at this and come back if it still eludes you.


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