Windows 8 Pro upgrade on new machine.

  Peter Lanky 06 Jan 13

I will shortly be acquiring a new PC with no OS and a upgrade version of 'Windows 8 Pro' separately(on media as opposed to a download)

I also have a spare copy of Windows XP Home, which I will effectively be upgrading from.

Will I first have to install the XP on the new PC and then install the upgrade (using the clean install options I have read about elsewhere), or does the upgrade offer the opportunity for installation on a clean HDD and then give me an option to enter proof that I have an XP licence, either by inserting a disk or entering the product key?

  SillBill 06 Jan 13

This is by no means a definitive answer, but what what I've experienced with upgrading a laptop from Vista to W7, the OLD OS has to be running to be able to either upgrade or clean install. May be the same for W8.

  rdave13 06 Jan 13

This is a good guide for a clean install, click here but you'll need the XP installed first. If you get problems installing XP then find a windows 7 iso (same bit version as your Win 8, and install that as a trial (no key) version first. Then do a clean install of 8.

Create a dvd from the iso file.

  SillBill 06 Jan 13

rdave13 Am I being naive in thinking that using a Windows ISO installation would circumvent MS's ban on using an upgrade version if you haven't BOUGHT a previous Windows OS?

  rdave13 06 Jan 13

Well the OP has XP so that could be used. All I'm suggesting if XP won't install (sata drivers problems possibly) then there's an alternative.

  SillBill 06 Jan 13

Was just curious!!

  aquatarkus 06 Jan 13

Hi There You can do a clean install using your upgrade media following the guide linked below

once you have done that you will find that you are not actually activated so to do that follow the steps below

any other questions don't hesitate to ask

regards Aquatarkus

  aquatarkus 06 Jan 13

Oh sorry forgot you won't have to have a previous operating system installed on hard drive to carry out the installation but you will have to follow the steps in the second link

Regards Aquatarkus

  Peter Lanky 06 Jan 13

Aquatarkus. All that looks pretty convincing to be, so I'll try that approach.

PS. I love the big red warning sign informing us that having bought 2 products, you are only entitled to the rights of one of them! I've no intention of using more than one, but I now feel well and truly 'put in my place'.

  aquatarkus 07 Jan 13

Hi Peter

The above links procedures work very well, I have upgraded all 4 of my pc's and 3 laptops to win8 pro using these methods. One thing I did forget once you have completed the procedures in the 2nd link you might have to activate manually, just follow the prompts.

Any problems just ask.




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