Will Apple Adopt Windows?

  powerless 20:21 16 Feb 06

click here

Dvorak predicted Mactels...but this is a bit out there me thinks.

  stalion 20:23 16 Feb 06

your link is not working

  powerless 20:31 16 Feb 06
  bremner 20:38 16 Feb 06

Personally I think MS should drop Windows and adopt Mac OSX.

  Jimmy14 22:28 16 Feb 06

that is just absurd. Microsoft are the biggest operating system and no offence to apple but they are not half as successfull as them. Microsoft would never even consider switching to mac os, they are working on software, operating systems constantly. Windows is easier to use and is the most popular operating system type in the world with over 70% of people using it and the rest apple. Why dont you email Bill Gates and ask him why doesnt he change to apple os, see what reply you get back if you get one

  Forum Editor 22:56 16 Feb 06

He was joking.

  ade.h 23:31 16 Feb 06

"....with over 70% of people using it and the rest apple."

So nobody uses Linux then, I take it. A minority pursuit, I admit, but surely numerically significant enough to be included in your statistic.

  bremner 08:30 17 Feb 06

The comment was tongue in cheek

  €dstowe 08:50 17 Feb 06

If this did happen and Apple did adopt Windows, what would all of those over-enthusiastic Apple fanatics do?

Would there be lemming-like mass suicides when their favoourite O/S finally expired?

What replacement would they find slag off with almost morbid ardour?

One of my artists is a Mac user - to the total exclusion of any other computer so much so that he tries to avoid walking near to the Windows machines that we have. He did ask once if his work space could be moved so he didn't have to look at rival machines. In some circumstances, and if he wasn't such a good worker, I would have had to consider his position here.

  medicine hat 09:28 17 Feb 06

So Apple will become just another pc clone. Thats kinda boring.

  Jimmy14 16:55 17 Feb 06

i am sorry to the people who thought i was being stupid but come on it is something that will never happen and I am sure everyone knows that without discussing it

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