Wii Apple iPod

  Spr 09:48 AM 01 Sep 12

Our grandson going back to Uni soon he has been taking about an Wii Apple iPod he tells me all you do is download the apps & that is all there is to it. I'm a bit worried surly there is more to it than that. What, if any are the hidden costs in buying Wii Apple iPod

  iscanut2 09:50 AM 01 Sep 12

Before anything else, tell him that it will not be a lot of use to use for any work such as word processing, spreadsheets, databases etc..He would be better off with a cheap laptop in the circumstances.

  KRONOS the First 09:53 AM 01 Sep 12

I am not even sure a Wii Apple iPod actually exists. Wii is a games console from Nintendo and the ipod is indeed from Apple.

  Woolwell 10:16 AM 01 Sep 12

An iPod is a music player. An iPad is a tablet. Wii probably means wifi.

I guess that he is referring to a wifi iPad. I'd be surprised if that is all he needs. I'm an iPad fan but I wouldn't want to do course work/dissertations on it. Some of the apps will cost money (not a lot) but still an additional cost.

  Spr 12:32 PM 01 Sep 12

Thanks all it looks like it is the New Apple iPod touch hes after

  Woolwell 15:01 PM 01 Sep 12

So he wants to listen to music and play games! It does more than that though.

  iscanut2 17:28 PM 01 Sep 12

I thought he meant an I Pad !!


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