Why won't my XP-pc Connect to my 98 machine????

  Daffy-Duck 13:48 18 Jan 03
  Daffy-Duck 13:48 18 Jan 03

I have a computer down stairs (XP) and one upstairs (98). So for the time begin, I have given up on my router (which is in another thread.click here) and just want a peer to peer for the time being.

I've run the network wizard on the XP machine, and it copyed a few files to disk, and i run that on my 98 machine. But niether machine will detect one another. The XP machine does't even register a connection. As far as its goes, there is no cable pluged in.

Any idears?

  AndySD 14:03 18 Jan 03

It need to be a crossover cable or have an adapter on it. The one with the router connection would be straight through.

  Daffy-Duck 14:07 18 Jan 03

ahh. well the cable i've got is 25 meters long and running under the floor, up into the roof. so replaying it is not realy an option. Where can i get an adapter from?

  Daffy-Duck 14:36 18 Jan 03

not to worrie. found one in the maplin catalog, 3.99.

thanks andySD

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