Who actually supplies MAC codes

  deathquake 15:57 09 Jan 09

Just wondered who actually supplies MAC codes.

Is it my ISP (prodigynet)or do my ISP have to go to BT to get it first?
TIA for your views

  MAT ALAN 16:02 09 Jan 09

Your existing ISP...

You then supply that info to your new ISP...

  deathquake 16:18 09 Jan 09

I realise that I need to get it from my current ISP and pass it to my new ISP.

My current ISP said that they have to go to BT to get the MAC code before they pass it to me. I'm trying to establsh if this is true or a delaying tactic.....

  ICF 17:10 09 Jan 09

I don't know who supplies them and it seems it doesn't matter because I got my MAC code within 15 min of asking.

  spuds 17:19 09 Jan 09
  deathquake 17:24 09 Jan 09

Wow who gave you 1 in 15 mins??
I'm guessing it makes a difference if it's someone who owns the infrastructure like BT or someone who resells the internet.

  ICF 19:41 09 Jan 09

deathquake said:-
Wow who gave you 1 in 15 mins??

ADSL24 did and all done online no premium rate numbers and listening to green sleeves for 30 min or more

  Border View 17:17 11 Jan 09

I used to be with Zen. When I came to move to o2 I telephoned Zen and they gave me my MAC key there and then over the phone.

  ened 08:31 12 Jan 09

"I got my MAC code within 15 min of asking."

I had a mac from Orange which the new isp allowed to expire before they used it (Long story)so I telephoned Orange and was given one whilst I waited - in fact it took longer for me to write it down than for the girl to provide it.

So I guess if anybody is told they will have to wait it is because of 'policy' and jobsworths rather than a genuine inasbility to generate one whilst you wait.

  deathquake 08:55 12 Jan 09

Thanks for your responses, sounds like it's time to give some earache

  Stuartli 10:48 12 Jan 09

I got a MAC by e-mail in less than 15 minutes from Tiscali nearly three years ago, when I switched to TalkTalk.

It was the second time Tiscali achieved the feat in just over a month; I didn't use the MAC initially as TT was overwhelmed by its "free" broadband offer at the time.

Obviously I needed to retain the Tiscali service until I could be transferred to TalkTalk.

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