where can I get iMacs for Sims 3?

  Jwbjnwolf 16:55 31 Jul 11

I have Sims 3 with generations expansion and would like to have some different iMacs in my sims future home, as I am sure a few of you know by now that I am a Mac-a-holic.

The 3 That I am interested in is all in one aluminium iMac(preferably the 27" models)

the G3 and G4

and maybe the mac pro

and if even possible, iPad 1 or 2, which ever

thanks for any help,


  Jwbjnwolf 18:19 31 Jul 11

No ideas then?

  Jwbjnwolf 21:00 31 Jul 11

No Game talk then today I see!

  Jwbjnwolf 19:06 01 Aug 11

Still waiting! Or is everyone too busy enjoying "summer" holidays?

  gengiscant 15:59 02 Aug 11

How about,no one plays the Sims?

  Jwbjnwolf 09:45 03 Aug 11

No, I don't mean as just my one, I mean that for about 2 days as what I have seen, all posts in games forum have been kept in the same order as when I first made the post, so I meant as meaning are you too busy to be talking about games.

  gengiscant 14:28 03 Aug 11

The summer months are always a dry spell for PC games.

  Jwbjnwolf 19:21 03 Aug 11

Well I have been out and about on my Bike for nearly the whole day as well as strolling through the woods near to me. So I can guess PC games are a bit Unsummer thing. I can guess what you mean

  ams4127 20:26 12 Aug 11

Sorry. I've read your thread and have no idea what you are talking about!! I feel as though I have entered a new dimension with a new language.


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