What is the best and safe solution to clean my LCD screen like my Laptop/Mobile/iPad?

  mbn2010 02:04 28 Aug 12

Hi Guys,

Everybody tells something about what I should use and what I should not use on the LCD screen. would you please guide me the best solution and tell me what can I use which is safe and does the good job.

Many Thanks

  z34442 02:10 28 Aug 12

I just gently wipe mine with a wet tissue. It does the job and saves money.

  mbn2010 02:14 28 Aug 12

I've tried it many times but it is hard to remove smears completely with water and tissue only. But Thanks any way

  KRONOS the First 04:13 28 Aug 12

I use glasses cleaner sprayed on to a micro-fibre cloth which is very soft and has always done the job for me,and I have been cleaning my screens this way for years.

  morddwyd 08:42 28 Aug 12

Aby anhti-static cleaner, such as that used for CDs, should be adequate.

  onthelimit1 08:48 28 Aug 12

Microfibre cloth lightly dampened with water with a hint of washing up liquid. Never put the water directly onto the screen.

  The Kestrel 09:27 28 Aug 12

I use one of these kits which I bought on ebay and it cleans my LCD monitor very well.


  chub_tor 12:52 28 Aug 12

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