Using VMware Fusion on Macbook

  gav223 11 Feb 13


I need to open software on my 10.6.8 that is an exe file and realise that I need Windows to do this.

I wanted something that let me switch between both OS without having to reboot and decided to trial VMware Fusion.

I have downloaded the software, but do not know what to do to start using Windows. I am not tech minded at all and even after reading their instructions, still don't know what the next step is.

I've also read a couple of things saying to put a disc in, but I thought that I didn't need a disk with this.

Can someone please tell me hat I need to do.


  bremner 11 Feb 13

Having installed Fusion you now need to add a Virtual Machine - this efeectively means installing an operating system i.e. Windows.

Do you have a Windows installation disk?

  gav223 11 Feb 13

Hi bremner.

No, I don't have a disk.

I thought I read somewhere that I didn't need one. If I do, what is the cheapest option? As I mentioned, I only need it for one maybe two pieces of software. I have no intention of using it for anything else.


  bremner 11 Feb 13

The other way is to create a VM by migrating an existing Windows installation. and have a read.

  gav223 11 Feb 13

Hi bremner.

I'm getting a bit confused, but understanding a bit more as well.

I don't understand why someone would want to use this if they already have a windows PC. I thought it was for people using Macs, to be able to use Windows.

The only thing I have which is Windows is a netbook, but this doesn't come with a disk.

I read somewhere that I can download a copy of Windows legally. Is this possible.


  bremner 11 Feb 13

People use VM 's in Windows, Mac and Linux for many reasons and may for example have a Windows 7 computer that runs VM' s of Windows 98 and XP, as well as Ubuntu (Linux).

In a Mac it is most often used as an alternative to using Bootcamp partitioning to run a version of Windows as you desire.

Read the Fusion instructions as you may be able to migrate your Netbook to a VM


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