Unable to load new issue of PC ADISOR on iPad 2

  Dor9 30 Mar 12

I m unable to load the new issue on the iPad .I get a notice "the issue is available for download but requires a newer version of the app.Please update your app from the App Store"

All my apps are3 up tyo date. Please refer and advise. I have paid for my subscription.

Dorian Phillips ([email protected])

  Forum Editor 30 Mar 12

So that I get this right......

Are you using Zinio 2.0 for IPad?

  Dor9 31 Mar 12

No I am using iPad itself. Bookshelf

  John1235 31 Mar 12

I have the same problem

  Forum Editor 01 Apr 12

Click here for information about problems with downloading digital versions of PCA on an iPad2

  Ken22 03 Apr 12

I have had the same problem, I contacted iTunes help. They have just sent me an email basically saying they can do nothing for me and they will refund me my subscription.

From iTunes

"After reviewing the circumstances of your case, we determined that issuing you a refund is an appropriate exception to the iTunes Store Terms and Conditions, which state that all sales are final."

"The developer of this application, IDG UK, may be able to provide information about why you did not receive the In-App Purchase. To contact them directly..............."

Nothing else for it but to go back to the "paper copy" I suppose

  Forum Editor 03 Apr 12

"Nothing else for it but to go back to the "paper copy" I suppose"

We'll see about that. I can't promise anything because it's not my field,but I know a man who will give us the facts. Leave it with me for a day or so.

  buteman 04 Apr 12


[IDG UK, may be able to provide information about why you did not receive the In-App Purchase. To contact them directly..............."]

Don't know if you know but if you read the big print at the bottom of the page you will see that PCA is part of IDG.

And who better to find out the answers than the FE.

  paul trotter 04 Apr 12

I can only apologies for the issues you're experiencing with the PC Advisor Apple Newsstand edition. The problem has been caused by a third-party company we're using to build the app, and we're trying to fix it now. Thanks for your patience - this is a one-off problem and should be fixed shortly. I'll update you as soon as possible. Paul Trotter, PC Advisor

  Ken22 04 Apr 12

Thanks Paul, please do I'll reinstate my subscription when you have the problem solved.


  Simplygray 10 Apr 12

Still Have this problem - any more news on a fix?


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