Transferring files between machines

  Woof 12:29 23 Dec 05

My WIFI has gone down and I urgently need to transfer files from my laptop hard drive to my desktop m/c. The files are to large to fit on my memory stick and the laptop can only read CDs and DVDs. I have a usb cable that I could connect the two m/cs would this be possible? Or what else could I do?
A worried WOOF

  HondaMan 12:32 23 Dec 05

The easiest solution is a crossover patch-cable that fits the network socket

  PaulB2005 14:10 23 Dec 05

Or a USB Bridge Cable.
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  HondaMan 17:45 23 Dec 05

MMmmm! But the network cable is only about £5.00

  ade.h 18:26 23 Dec 05

As little as 70p before P&P from Ebuyer for a crossover ethernet cable. Easy to set up if you don't need to share a net connection.

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