Telephone answer machine/speaker phone

  anchor 10:25 23 Jul 07

My old one has gone on the blink. Has anyone a recommendation for a replacement.

I would like one on which I can record my own message, has a decent recording time, and has a reasonable volume when used on speaker phone, (I know some are rather quiet).

One cordless digital handset would be sufficient.

I am not looking for the cheapest; quality is more important.

  P1d 12:45 23 Jul 07

I can recommend Panasonic. I have the older version of the link below (without an answering machine) with a couple of extra handsets and haven't had a problem with them at all, they came recommended to me.

The sound quality is excellent, volume of the ringers and speakerphone is excellent, battery life is great and they are kiddieproof !!!!

This is the link to the newer model, currently £49.75 from Argos, you may be able to get it cheaper elsewhere;
click here

I hope this helps.

  spuds 12:53 23 Jul 07

Argos catalogue seems to carry a good range of modern devices. I use a combination of 'old' Philips and Sharp products, which are about due for replacement. Would be interesting to see what suggestions come forward.

  Diemmess 17:30 23 Jul 07

Maybe I'm missing something, but "Cordless" and "Speaker Phone" combinations are almost non existant.

It is a good speaker-phone that anchor wants, and there are very few about.

Amazon has two alternatives click here

Like spuds I may need a new one any day. I have a BT hard wired pulse dialler. which is at least 19 years old and takes 2 AA cells. They last far beyond their best by time.

Yellow with age I suppose it will still work even if the house falls down!

  laurie53 21:10 23 Jul 07

Cordless speaker phones are quite common.

I've just had to replace mine - I got a Philips duo which is both landline and Skype.

I've also got a VOIP phone for the odd occasion when I'm not logged on.

Answering machine is separate.

  Woolwell 21:33 23 Jul 07

As P1d I've had a Panasonic cordless answer phone for some years now. The speaker phone part of it is very clear - excellent when you are holding on waiting for one of the call centres to answer (that is if you can stand the music!).
Look here
click here
and then shop around.

  wiz-king 05:47 24 Jul 07

Anchor, I have just removed mine to decorate the room and I am using an old program I found on a modem driver disk call Trio, I have also used SuperVoice in the past. If you leave you PC on all day that may be an option.

  anchor 08:39 24 Jul 07

Thank you all for your replies.

I have decided to go with Panasonic, and a similar model to that recommended by P1d. The one I have chosen has dialling buttons both on the handset and base unit. Good price at Amazon.

click here

wiz-king: I have Supervoice somewhere in my cupboard, but whether its works with XP is another matter.

  anchor 12:56 29 Jul 07

Just to follow up;

I have received, and installed, the Panasonic KX-TCD240ES and am delighted with it. Highly recommended.

Best price was from Amazon.

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