Ryan air and iPads

  frenchman96 19 Sep 12

Hi Guys

Do you know if Ryan air have Wi-fi, and I'd so, do they allow passengers to use their iPad.

If a company was allegedly seriously considering requiring customers to pay to use the aircraft toilets, I would tend to assume that wi-fi - unless they felt they could charge a lot of money for it - isn't available. Ryanair is a low budget, 'no frills' airline: you pay nothing, you get nothing. It makes me laugh when people pay £5 to fly to Rome, and then complain they don't get British Airways service...

  Sea Urchin 19 Sep 12

I think the answer is Yes

RyanAir WiFi

Hmmm... It seems they were planning it. However, if they'd actually gone ahead with it, you'd think they would mention it here: http://www.ryanair.com/en/questions/can-i-use-my-laptop-onboard. I can find no reference anywhere to wifi being available on a Ryanair flight.

  iscanut2 19 Sep 12

This is an answer in the FAQ section in Ian's link above. I presume I Pad is same as Laptop

Can I use my laptop onboard?

Yes, passengers are permitted to use the following electronic items once cruising altitude has been reached and the Captain has turned off the 'Fasten Seat Belt' sign:

Laptop Ipod Reader E-Book CD walkman Digital MP3 players Portable DVD players Non-cellular PDAs Digital Dictaphones Online Check-In ?

Yeah, but - you can use any/all of those things offline. I don't believe it implies the existence of wi-fi.

  iscanut2 19 Sep 12

I can never understand why I have to switch my I Pod off during take off and landing as it does not give/receive a signal and the battery is probably the same as in my watch !

  Woolwell 19 Sep 12

iscanut - you also have to switch off e-readers.

To get wifi the aircraft has to receive the data and make it available. Ryan Air do mainly short haul flights and most can do without internet for a short period of time.

  iscanut2 21 Sep 12

Even when I say that the WiFi is switched off on my Kindle, they still insist it is turned off. Why ?

Iscanut: I assume because, otherwise, they have no way of verifying that wi-fi really is turned off...

  wiz-king 21 Sep 12

Put almost any electronic device near a sensitive radio and you will find it emits interference even if only the display is on.


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