Refresh rate for a MAC 1780

  Diemmess 15:56 15 Feb 05

I understand the perils of setting too high a refresh rate for the monitor. ........ A TFT (MAC 1780) bought as an "own brand offer" a couple of years ago. Uses a GeForce Mx440 and W2000.

I have been using the default 60K, and though the monitor has behaved impeccably, my aging eyes have responded badly to a succession of needs to spend more time than usual in front of it.

Using Display Properties, I have set the refresh rate to the maximum 75, a figure shown in the Aide32 report as just inside the monitor range.

Will I spoil a beautiful friendship with this monitor if I leave it like that, or am I just doing what I should have done a long time ago?

  Diemmess 17:36 15 Feb 05


  Diemmess 09:44 16 Feb 05

Nothing has fizzed yet!

  Jeffers22 10:03 16 Feb 05

My understanding of TFT monitors is that they operate best at the built in native refresh rate and resolution.

My LG1710B menu reveals the following:

1280 X 1024 @ 60 mhz

Preset Mode

DVI Digital

  Diemmess 10:14 16 Feb 05

I agree that the native high resolution is a must, but this faster refresh rate seems to generate no problem at all.

I think, deep down that if a refresh rate is faster, then "something must be working harder" leading to a shorter working life. Perhaps that is nonsense with a TFT monitor..... hence my original post!....

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