Problem e-mailing an iPad

  Grandad99 21 Oct 12

My wife's new iPad 3 e-mail address is [email protected]

I have never seen another e-mail with an iCloud address but a test e-mail from the salesman in the shop was received OK. However when I tried to send a message from OE it failed and I got this message

"Your message was not delivered because the Domain Name System (DNS) for the destination computer is not configured correctly. The following is a list of reasons why this error message could have been generated. If you do not understand the explanations listed here, please contact your system administrator for help

  • *The host does not have any mail exchanger (MX) or address (A) records in the DNS.

    • The host has valid MX records, but none of the mail exchangers listed have valid A records.
    • There was a transient error with the DNS that caused one of the above to appear to be true. You may want to try sending your message again to see if the problem was only temporary.*

      DNS for host is mis-configured."

  lotvic 21 Oct 12

I think that email address should end in .com and not

  Secret-Squirrel 21 Oct 12

I think you're right there lotvic as is registered to Dennis Publishing LTD of London whereas is of course owned by Apple.

  Forum Editor 21 Oct 12

"My wife's new iPad 3 e-mail address is [email protected]"

No it isn't. As the others have said, it's [email protected]

  Grandad99 21 Oct 12

Thanks everyone. Have just tried again using .com, hopefully problem solved.

As a matter of interest why in my address list of over 1500 names I haven't seen another icloud one. I assume that ipad and other Mac users have an additional address and wondewr if there is a good reason for this.

  lotvic 21 Oct 12

They have only just brought out the email addresses, it was


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