Printing Envelopes from iMAC to HP 210a All-in-One Photosmart

  TonyV 24 Jan 13

In the past I was able to print a 3.5in x 6in envelope on my printer through OpenOffice on the iMAC. Suddenly, I can't print the envelopes. I keep getting the paper mis-match error message. The envelope is 6" wide and 3.5" tall. I used to put the thing in the printer in the width first position, i.e.. longways in, and this would print fine, but something has changed and I cannot tell the printer to select a "Custom size" in the paper listing. I am stuck with A4 along with a few other standard paper sizes. When I print DL envelopes, I don't have the problem because the printer has that as a standard paper size. But I cannot set any custom size paper. Any one any ideas how to rectify the problem?



  Peter 24 Jan 13


Sometimes selecting different types of paper or different quality levels will alter the available options, particularly the availability of Borderless in Epson printers. Perhaps an option has inadvertently been changed, which has removed the Custom option.


  TonyV 24 Jan 13


I will have a look and see if there is anything glaring that has gone AWOL.



  TonyV 24 Jan 13


I have deleted the printer, deleted every vestige of software, cleaned the machine as best I can. I then added the printer after downloading the whole Bloatgate software from HP and there is absolutely no difference. The answer has been a Lemon.

I have had problems before with this printer and will now look towards getting some software that will enable me to print a different size envelope.

I read with care the instructions from the HP website regarding printing envelopes, and that is an adventure! It states that you must click on the Features button to get the page change system. There is no Features button!

What is it with these people? It really isn't rocket science is it?

I shall give up now, and look for free software!



  TonyV 25 Jan 13

I finally bought Simple Envelope and this does what I wanted. So much for HP and their printers.

I'll close this one out.



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