PCA Forums and the iPad

  bremner 26 Sep 11

Any iPad user out there having issues with using these forums.

For a couple of weeks I have found the font on the postings has changed, is smaller and slightly out of focus.

Typing postings often results in the focus being lost on the cursor and I have experienced regular instances of the browser crashing whilst typing.

I have experienced no problems on any other website or forum.

PCA have you made any changes that could have caused these issues?

  Woolwell 26 Sep 11

No problem on my iPad.

  rawprawn 26 Sep 11

Nor I.Sorry I cannot offer any assistance.

  bremner 26 Sep 11

Thanks for the replies

It must be a changed setting but as you will be aware that is very limited on the iPad.

  Woolwell 26 Sep 11

Sounds as if the zoom is wrong but you cannot change much. Reset?

  bremner 26 Sep 11


The odd thing is it is only on this site that the problems occur.

  Woolwell 26 Sep 11

Clear cache?

  bremner 26 Sep 11

One of the first things I tried, history, cache, cookies.

I read today that iOS5 is to be launched in mid October, hoping that will sort things out for me.

  bremner 13 Oct 11


Have now installed 5 and on first try it seems to have fixed the issues with typing in posts


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