pc and mac online

  totalyuseless 03:40 25 Mar 07

Anyone got any ideas as to why our dell pc has stopped working since I got the Mac to work on the wifi system.

I spent hours with Orange getting the pc windows laptop to work and then a few more hours to get the Macbook to work but when I went back to the laptop it no longer would go online.

Hope someone has some ideas, I dont think I can stand another 4 hours in the company of some voice on the end of the phone line.

  Forum Editor 09:59 25 Mar 07

and it's worth renewing the laptop address. In case you haven't done this before, here's how:-

1. Click the Start button.

2. Click 'Run' and type: cmd in the text entry field and click OK

3. When the command prompt window appears type: ipconfig /release (note there's a space between 'release' and the \)

4. Press the enter key.

5. Now type: ipconfig /renew (watch that space again)

Most computers that are on a DHCP network (and your is) will automatically restablish a network connection when you do this, and with luck your problem will be solved. It's worth trying, anyway.

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